Friday, June 13, 2008

Who is this Joker?

I had a girl party last weekend. We made valentines. It was fun. Mrs. Smoltz's were the best... I have decided to start a one-a-day feature of the Smoltz valentines. Today is the first one.

I call this one: Who is this Joker?
Mainly because I don't know who he is. Notice the beautiful purple ribbon streamers accentuating the heart shaped love-symbol. Tied to one side like the attractive side pony tail of Deb (a la Napoleon Dynamite.)
There were two especially interesting quotes of the evening:
1. The bible can help you learn your elements!
2. I think I have weed poisoning.
Both were said in the form of stories, as we did not actually have bibles or weed at this party. Glitter and Ribbon were plenty enough.
Stay tuned tomorrow for another RED HOT LOVE!

1 comment:

Skuh said...

That's Robert Downey Jr. circa 1986ish.