Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gayface Facebook and Maturity

Here goes an attempt at The List.
12. Gayface's (GF) baby sister has an infant. I found this out Sunday I think, via Facebook. GF and I were good friends in high school and college... In a very previous post I mentioned that I had a friend who stopped talking to me after I got married, remember? That is gayface. So he has a sister who is 20 years old now, and I gave her some private tutoring in science and math when she was in high school. She still had the spirit of youth in her, and I enjoyed our time together.

So Sunday I check facebook because I hadn't visited it in forever, and one of GF and my mutual friends had an updated "about me" section. Those either are fun or dumb, and their new "about me" was dumb, but GF had written on their wall and so there was a small thumbnail of GF and this baby! I mean last I checked GF was still single... What if he impregnated someone!? I click over... And, yes, he is still single, but on his wall said some bit about "uncle." What! His 20 year old sister is too young... But yes, it is hers and the kid is now FIVE MONTHS OLD. How could I miss this for five whole months!? (She is living with the guy but they are not married.) But it is true, (and this leads us to 13. Lack of Facebook) In the past five months I have spent MUCH less time on Facebook, and MUCH more time on work stuff, which is good, but also means that I have missed out on the gossip of old friends, and their birthdays... Now I am concerned with more real things like hanging out with girlfriends and working out and running experiments. This is probably good, and it probably means that I am growing up or maturing or something like that.

Maturity will start us off again when we continue the list.
(hopefully tonight.)


1. Zazu Pimple
2. Boss Anger Group Meeting Communication
3. Maru, Katu, and Arum Rae (also Jed, THE FAN)
4. Parents visit
5. Experiments working
6. Black boys catcalls
7. Harlem Shakes Vampire Weekend vs Bonaroo Music Festival
8. Magazine Obsession
9. Cake Therapy
10. Safety is my goal: Please Call
11. Absolute Pear billboard = Georgia O'Keeffe Vagina Flower

14. Penelope Trunk's writing
15. Things that make me happy
16. Feeling happy vs Feeling Powerful vs Feeling Superior
17. Jips comes home
18. Flowers and Presents

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