Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Fermi's lists have inspired me to work on a few of my own. My lists, however, are not "things to write about in the future." I will complete 2 lists: "little things that make me happy/I enjoy" and "things I should be doing instead of blogging."

So here goes,
things that make me happy:
  • discovering an awesome CD that you've previously ignored. The particular example I'm thinking of is A Ghost is Born by Wilco. This was previously ignored b/c it came out around the same time I had tickets to go to a Wilco show in NOLA that got canceled b/c Jeff Tweedy was in rehab for his addiction to prescription drugs. I was pissed at not getting my 4 dollar processing fee back . . . and the fact that I really wanted to go to that show.
  • when Google tells me "Veuillez patienter" when I am logging off b/c it thinks I am French from my year there.
  • purple crepe myrtles that are in full bloom around the lakes
  • knowing I will never have to live with my parents for any period longer than a few weeks ever again.
  • knitting my second floppy beret while I listen to Harry Potter on audiotape and drink green tea with lemon grass and honey. I also think I found the exact color used in this photo. I will post pictures of these eventually. I guess. I will have to edit my face out or something.
  • not having to work a thankless, bitch-work job that I had reluctantly agreed to work this summer after I realized on day two that I could not survive a summer of that shit and come out on top.
  • not being 18 and just starting college. I had previously thought this was something I would love to have a chance to do again. However, I had some recent grads from the high school I taught at over for dinner. I cooked wiener wings and they stayed far later than I would've wanted. It was nothing crazy. I refused them beer (although I did have beer of the root) and they just stayed over talking. There's something so sad about being that age and being so desirous of really exciting things happening. It's kinda before you realize that having too many crazy nights just ends with a brain fog. At least for me.
and now,
things I should be doing instead of blogging:
  • riding my bike to the rec to work out and then riding back here for a run around the Garden District (my neighborhood only for the next 6 weeks, sadly). I will do some form of this eventually, but it looks like it might rain so I don't want to start riding and get all nasty and have all my electronic gym companions short out. Last Saturday I decided to go run around my parents' neighborhood in Lafayette and I ended up having to climb a couple of fences to get home before it rained too much. I was also scared of the thunder/lighting.
  • figuring out what the fuck I need to do to get ready for grad school. I have had frighteningly little communication with my department and the grad school itself. The housing people keep sending me shit about extra long sheets, but I'm all "been there, freakin' done that." I did find out yesterday that my (single) room has a sink in it. This is terrific news. But yeah, I need to talk to some people and make sure I'm going to get the classes I need. I have this anxious feeling in the back of my mind that I'm not actually enrolled or something. That would be terrible! Also pretty unlikely cause I already got financial aid info. The picture is of my future dorm. I find it to be ominous looking. I'll be on the third floor.
  • Figuring out if there's anything I can do to help along my peace corps medical clearance stuff. I am going to the doctor on Friday of this week and Monday of next week but there are still a couple of issues that need to be handled with that packet and I hear this process is among the most frustrating in the admissions process. I find that to be true to form, thus far.
  • Washing all the damn dishes left over from slightly ungrateful 18-year old recent high school grads/rich white conservative closet-gay boys.
And now since the thunder has started earnestly, it looks like I'll be driving to the rec for a workout.

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Skuh said...

d00d! I was just reminiscing about wiener wings nights chez peacebone. Le sigh . . .