Friday, June 13, 2008

I saw it in your movements

That title is a line from this song "Dondante" by My Morning Jacket

Another bit from that song:

"Well, I knew, just how sweet it could be, if you'd never left these streets.
You had me worried
So worried, that this would last...
But now I'm learning, learning that this will pass..."

I've been listening to this album pretty much non-stop for the last 2 days since I downloaded it. I'm listening to it because I listened to it with my last non-boyfriend during our non-relationship that lasted 2 weeks.

I was google chatting with Fermi today and I mentioned that I keep wanting to write a post, but the only thing that comes to my mind to write about is this guy or a certain other juvenile interest I've been participating a lot in lately.

Here's a quick summy of the non-relationship:

About three weeks ago I went to a party with my neighbors. It was at the apartment of these two adorable, indie twin brothers who I've already been acquainted with. When I walked in, I recognized this other guy, indie boys' youngish, hot, arrogant, loud, French-speaking uncle. I had met him a few months before when he showed up at my house for the Beatles party. (everyone dressed as a character from a beatles song--I was Michelle ma belle, bien sur). We had talked a bit then but I drank way too much and we parted ways, him to the next door area, me to the bathroom floor.

So I see this guy 3 weeks ago. The Saturday right after school has ended. It was just a really chill thing. We talked a bit. Played cards a lot. I decided I wanted to stay after my ride left so he said he could bring me home. We ended up staying until 4 am. On the drive home, he got my number and said he would call the next day, which he did. We ended up spending almost the whole day together: eating, cooking, drinking, playing cards, etc. I even ended up spending the night at his house, but don't worry, it was fairly innocent. More, or maybe a little less. The next day I didn't leave until about 2-3 in the afternoon. I was supposed to be going to Lafayette that day. Didn't happen. Instead I want back over to his house that night and we just stayed up watching a movie and talking. I left at about 2 am.

I was in Laffy and New Orleans for a few days after all that. He called me and I called him a few times and he said he would be in town that Sunday, a week after our first encounter. So when I got back into town, I worked out then went over to his house. We hung out, played cards and video games, went out to eat, watched a movie. Then I slept over again. I (unfortunately) started work the next day so I didn't leave too late. It was a late day with work since there was some event I had to work but he called me while I was doing that and told me to call him back. We ended up going to see a movie that night and he came back home with me and slept over. It was really great. One of those things I daydream about. We stayed up until like 4:30 am just talking and reading stuff and wrestling and being dumb. I felt drunk and alive and awake.

The next morning he left around noon and I headed to work. We kissed goodbye in the street and said we would talk later.

I called him that night when I was grocery shopping to ask him if I should buy basmati or jasmine rice. Basmati.

The next day he called me and said he wanted to hang out. I called him about 4 when I was getting off work. Voicemail. Called him again and left a voicemail asking him to call back if he still wanted to hang out. No response. This was Thursday. I called him again on Saturday when I had already drunk some wine to invite him to a party. Voicemail. He called me back Sunday and told me to call him back when I was done with brunch at Chimes (yum). I called him at 2. Voicemail. Called him again at 8:30. Voicemail.

And that's that. I haven't heard anything further.

Now here are some details that I think are important to the story and understanding why this guys acts the way he does. (If that's even possible to understand.)
  • he's 40, going to be 41 at the end of the month. This may seem old (basically a 17 year age difference), he neither looks nor acts 40. He's never been married and doesn't have any kids. But all of these are clues that he's kinda immature for his age. I would say his maturity level is on par with a mid to late 20s guy. And if you know a few mid 20s boys, this isn't saying much
  • extremely ADD: in 1 grocery trip, he decided he was going to cook 3 different things. It got settled on shrimp tacos.
  • this is related to immature and ADD, but in the 2 weeks I hung out with him, he decided that he didn't want to keep his middle school teaching job in bum-fuck LA, but instead wanted to move back to San Francisco on a whim. Pretty much no advance planning other than looking at Craigs list for places to live while he was over here.
  • way more sexually experienced than myself and may have decided that since we weren't going to sleep together and neither one was sticking around for any long period of time, it was best to stop it before it got started.
I just wish I could've seen him again and have him tell me, "hey, I'm going off to do this, I'll call you when/if I come back into town." That would've been a lot nicer than just up and disappearing like a fart in the wind.

So this is all I can think to write about because I've been thinking a lot about it.

I've been missing him and feeling lonely. Also, I sustained about 4 straight weeks of some pretty hard partying and I'm kinda on the downswing of all this so it feels a little more bleak than it would if there was a lot of other stuff going on.

It sure was nice while it lasted.

And I do have a date on Monday night. At least I think it's a date. I have my suspicions that he likes to have sex with men. In that case we'll probably be better friends anyway.

Have a good weekend, y'all!


Fermi said...

the baby and dog pic is awesome!

Tino said...

My favorite is: "Disappeared like a fart in the wind."

Novella said...

The maturity factor is definitely one thing you need to be aware of when you're involved with older men who have never been married. There's a reason why you felt connected to this guy, and I doubt that it was because you have the interests and maturity of a 40 year-old woman. I think this dude did you a favor by disappearing, even though it was hurtful and rude. I hope your other date went well. Keep yr chin up!

Skuh said...

Fuck that poo-bear, Peacebone. He did do you a favor. A disrespectful and hurtful favor, but a favor nonetheless.
Oh . . . my favorite line: "I felt drunk and alive and awake."