Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Still working on the list: 10. Safety is my goal: Please Call
I have seen this truck twice now. It has that normal phone number and tells you that the goal is safety, but someone has keyed out one of the identifying numbers in the phone number and one identifying numbers in the Truck ID number. I wonder if the employer will ever see that truck. Two photos:

11. Absolute Pear billboard = Georgia O'Keeffe Vagina Flower
Now in this next photo, a billboard has a giant vagina on it. Sex Sells.

That is enough of the list for one post.
1. Zazu Pimple
2. Boss Anger Group Meeting Communication
3. Maru, Katu, and Arum Rae (also Jed, THE FAN)
4. Parents visit
5. Experiments working
6. Black boys catcalls
7. Harlem Shakes Vampire Weekend vs Bonaroo Music Festival
8. Magazine Obsession
9. Cake Therapy

14. Penelope Trunk's writing
15. Things that make me happy
16. Feeling happy vs Feeling Powerful vs Feeling Superior
17. Jips comes home
18. Flowers and Presents

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Novella said...

I like how underneath the giant vagina (vagiant!) it says, "True taste comes naturally."