Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where my girls at?

Okay, who added those origami penguins? They are hilarious.

I'm currently on my Spring Break, which I've been looking so forward to for SO many weeks, but today I've hit a slump.

I think I was looking forward to the imagery of Spring Break--the idea of chillin' at a pool with a pina colada--when really my break is all about resting the pulled muscle in my back between stressful (last minute) dance rehearsals, making sure I grade five research papers per day, and running all these errands I've been wanting to run, like getting my new pants hemmed and going to Target to buy bras and stockings and getting a haircut.

These are all things that were sounding wonderful last week because there would be no teaching in between them all! But today I'm feeling a little sad.

I thought, today, about how I don't really have close girlfriends in town anymore. About how I hang out with Leif all the time and how I enjoy that, but shouldn't I have a group of girls to run around with? Wouldn't that be healthy? I was thinking about how if Skuh and Peacebone still lived around here, I'd call them up to go do something dumb like drive out to Target or Counter Culture. I also miss one of my old friends who lives in town, but we haven't hung out one on one for years.

I guess I'm not very good at making new friends. Either that, or good friends just don't pop up that often in life. I think part of it is a function of my job--school, dance, home, school, dance, home. And dance feels like another job sometimes--we're all so tired, and the other girls know each other pretty well already, so I don't feel like I'm making new friends with them too much just yet, but I really like them all. I feel like the eager new girl. I'm doing that thing where in my head, I'm imagining that I'm the one they don't want to sit by, or I'm the one that's awkward to talk to. That was pretty much my running inner dialogue in middle and high school.

I had a really good time Friday night getting together with old friends in New Orleans. I miss all of them, even though some of them live in town, and I'd like to do that kind of thing more often.

I think I am a person who needs more social activity in my life than I sign up for. And I'm not talking about a blowout or anything--just wine and food, or a couple of coffee dates with a lady or two.

If all you penguins lived around here, I'd take you out for drinks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pagan Plans

I feel the same way about Easter.

My mom called me this Friday- 6pm my time- I'm still at work. She asked if I got off of work on Good Friday- and if she should come visit me for Easter.

My response was: When's Easter?

My plans: work. Maybe clean my house a bit.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

flux capaciter

How in Christ's risen name is it already EASTER??
I think I'll dye some eggies. Does anyone else have pagan plans for the holiday?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

all the Mamas, who profit dollas

Just wanted to give a shout out to all my bitches in bloggy land!
How y'all derin?! Y'all holdin it down, or what? I know I am.
I'm working on the following:
1) not being such a harpy to myself all the time; 2) moving out of my parents' house (can I get a woot, woot?); 3) doing all my homework for my Alt Cert class; 4) keeping my ears open about possible job opportunities, while ever keeping an eye to the future (can we say Fulbright?); 5) anxiously awaiting the day that I no longer have to spend time with TeacherLady from the yoga course (*ahem* speaking of harpies).
Your turn.