Thursday, June 26, 2008

Euro Tour 2008

This Sunday, I'm flying to Berlin. The first date of our European tour is in Nurnberg on the 4th of July. Our itinerary has me totally excited. I haven't been to any of the places that we're playing, but unfortunately, I doubt I'll have much time to explore. We have a show each night in a different place. I guess I'll be spending the most time in Berlin before our first show. We'll be staying there at our Euro booking agent's place, so he'll probably take on the role of tour guide to some extent. I won't even know where to start exploring in Berlin. Anyone have suggestions?

We arrive back in NY the evening of July 18th, then it's up nice and early for Siren Fest at Coney Island (poster pictured above). It's going to be so rad, I just hope that I'm not too jet-lagged to enjoy the experience. Here are the tour dates:

July 4 Nurnberg, Germany @ K4

July 5 Wurzburg, Germany @ Cairo

July 6 Prague, Czech Republic @ 007 Staho

July 7 Munchen, Germany @ Sunny at Feierwerk

July 8 Berlin, Germany @ Festsaal

July 9 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang

July 10 Dortmond, Germany @ FZW

July 11 Utrecht, Netherlands @ Ekko

July 12 Manchester, UK @ Islington Mill

July 13 Birmingham, UK @ Supersonic Festival

July 14 London, UK @ Corsica Studios

July 15 Leeds, UK @ Faversham

July 16 Paris, France @ Maroquineire

July 17 Mannheim, Germany @ Alte Feurwache

July 19 Coney Island, NY @ Siren Festival
w/ Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Broken Social Scene, The Helio Sequence, Beach House, Times New Viking, Jaguar Love, The Dodos, Annuals, Film School, Dragons Of Zynth, These Are Powers, Islands, Ra Ra Riot.


Peacebone said...

woot! I just saw Islands play tonight! They were great!

Have fun in the Europe. Tell Paris hello for me and that I'll be back asap.

Skuh said...

Berlin: Fernsehturm. You can look out over the entire city and kind of distinguish where the wall used to be.
Juedisches Museum: AMAZING architecture. The building itself is almost more compelling than the exhibits.
Kurfuerstendamm (Kudamm): Great shopping. You can also see the Gedaechtnis Kirche, a famous church that was partially destroyed during WWII. There's supposed to be a really awesome zoo not far away.
Potsdamer Platz: Where they have movie premiers in Berlin!
Reichstag: German parliament building. There's a dome on top that offers pretty sweet views of the city.
Brandenburger Tor: Really famous structure that's on the back of Euro coins minted in Germany. Right next to the Reichstag. David Hasselhoff (that bastard) played in front of the Brandenburger Tor as the Berlin wall was being dismantled. Seriously, that bastard.
Oh, and make note of the pedestrian street lights in former East Berlin.
Ach, Berlin: what a great city! Such an interesting history, so much to do and so hip right now. How exciting for you to be in a band, creating music and traveling the world. Have sickening amounts of fun!
You guys should come down to the dirty south some time.

Novella said...

Thanks, girl! I've heard about the zoo. Maybe I'll have to check that out. I definitely want to visit the Reichstag. Will take notes and check out the other places you mentioned!

We are doing a full U.S. tour in October/November that includes the dirty south. Are you in Louisiana?

Meeleez said...

Playing in a festival with Stephen Malkmus??!!! The boyfriend isn't gay, but for SM, he might be. We just saw him in Austin & Dallas in April. He is incredible. You don't happen to have any backstage passes just lying around? ;)

Skuh said...

No problem!
I am in LA. And I will still be in LA in October and November.