Sunday, June 29, 2008

Successful Dissuasion

This pie chart goes out from Fermi to Jips.

song chart memes
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I hung out with Maru again yesterday. We did a pre-recording of her radio show, in one hour segments, and it was great except when I listened to it with Jips the second hour of the show didn't make it on air, something must of gone wrong with the way she programmed it in. Anyway it was extremely disappointing.

Maru is very fun and funny partly because she is very hip but doesn't know it. It is refreshing to be free of the subtle arrogance I am so often surrounded with. On our way to do the show she asks me if I mind stopping by a record store. I'm like, Of course I don't mind! Record stores are totally cool! And she wanted to go to this one place that I drive by at least once a week, and always wanted to check out but never made the time. It turns out, we were too early. It was 10 am and it didn't open until 11. I successfully dissuaded her from calling the owner* to tell him that there was an emergency and we needed some records for a radio show.

The List
2. Boss Anger Group Meeting Communication
3. Maru, Katu, and Arum Rae (also Jed, THE FAN)
5. Experiments working

I am getting rid of these blog topics because work (the topics of 2 and 5) is ridiculous. I don't even desire to blog about it anymore because I don't feel it is worth my time. This could actually be a good thing because I have found other things in my life that give me happiness and excitement. Work is still shitty, but I am getting better at spending my free time focusing on and filling myself with the things in life that make me happy.

As for (3) Maru, Katu, and I went to see Arum Rae where I met Jed, the FAN who dances with his whole body: head, neck, arms, legs, and torso. Maru commented that he looks like a possessed-with-the-holy-spirit gospel dancer. That is the best description of it yet. If you haven't checked out Arum's music yet, you should. Solitude Lane and Lookin' For Love would be great tracks to start with.

Jips watched "how to give a man hug" (see previous post) and thought it was hilarious. If you haven't watched it yet, you are in for a treat!

*the number was on the window in case of emergencies

The List
6. Black boys catcalls
7. Harlem Shakes Vampire Weekend vs Bonaroo Music Festival
8. Magazine Obsession
9. Cake Therapy
14. Penelope Trunk's writing
15. Things that make me happy
16. Feeling happy vs Feeling Powerful vs Feeling Superior
17. Jips comes home
18. Flowers and Presents

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