Monday, June 2, 2008

too close to home

As Gayla just wrote, I invited 2 more girls to our blog. Gayla and someone else. Peachbone knows who. She just needs to send me her gmail alias and we will be set.

Peachbone and I have talked on the phone twice I think in the past week. This is kind of a big deal for me because I don't normally talk on the phone at all. But talking to Peach was really enjoyable. I guess it just means that I had some kick ass friends in college. And then I moved, and I guess I have friends here, maybe I don't prioritize spending time with them. Maybe I should.

That leads me into something my mom and I talked about... about moving far away from your family or staying close to home. I am the offspring of a "move far away" couple, and now I am also leading a "move far away" life. Some things are awesome about moving far away: I have met some incredible people. I guess it is my work that puts a damper on things. I can't really enjoy people like I did in college because I am always so busy, and now I also have other responsibilities like dogs and a husband.

I guess staying close to home is good if you like your parents and consider them to be decent people. Then when you reproduce, they can help you with taking care of the baby. Also you have a relationship that you can already trust.

Growing up in a "move far away" family, made me think that was the norm. And now, I look around and see so many people that stay close to home, it surprises me, I guess.

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