Monday, June 9, 2008

I do what I'm TOAD!!!

En route from Baton Rouge (went back for the Viking birthday; wine, cheese, brunch the next morning = a blasty) to Lafayette, I saw a car exiting I-10 with this sentence (post title) in sticker letters on the back of their trunk. I think I saw a brief flash of a frog sticker too.
"I do what I'm TOAD!!!" Notice how "toad" is entirely capitalized, I guess to draw your attention to the fact that this sentence doesn't say what you might assume it would say. Not one, not two, but three exclamation points. You gotta love pointless punctuation.
Now I would get this sentence were I under the impression that this person were penning some sort of dialect. However, being that it has something to do with frogs, the meaning is all-together lost on me.
Oh that and the fact that it was ON THE BACK OF THEIR CAR. Seriously don't get it. It's like personalized license plates. I just cannot imagine, like, having something pop into my head and thinking: oh my god! that would be so perfect for my license plate. Or this one word is what I want fellow motorists to know about me as I pass them on the interstate. And these plates are usually so asanine and ridiculous like: TENSNE1, DRSWIFE or CRKWHRE.
Do any of you have personalized license plates or put lots of stickers and shit on your car? If so, for why? Seriously, I'm so baffled but want to understand.
Oh, by the way: summer school starts tomorrow! wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I have a euro plate on the front of my car that says ENGINEER.

I picked that after some deliberation because I wanted something I could identify with every day. Politics, that changes. Ethnic stuff - not broad enough. School - uh, I don't have that much pride. Some other message - my parent's and other parent age figures will need to be able to read this and not just walk up there and rip it off my car. Also, while I suppose I could just remove it later, I'd rather not get something that a year from now, I'd be thinking, "what was I thinking".

Skuh said...

Good choice. Now that I can understand.

Fermi said...

Today I saw a personalized one

it is either
alex man or
al the x-man

There is also one in my parking deck at school: KIMIST
I thought that was cute. Kim the Chemist! I wonder if I know her.

Meeleez said...

KIMIST: My friend recently married a guy from a very strange family. He has two cousins (twins) Kim & Misty, who call themselves Kimisty as if they are one person. They are very attractive girls and were in Maxim magazine in 2003(?) but also they often dress up like very convincing men and go out together. I don't think they are gay, but I also got the impression that they don't know what they are. They take sexual pictures with each other, often involving weapons. I have no idea if they are actually incestuous, but lucky for you Fermi, I don't think they live in Atlanta.