Sunday, June 15, 2008

Broccoli with a neck-tie

I hung out with Maru yesterday. She made this father's day card. Broccoli with cotton balls painted green as the flower-bud part, and a ribbon tied around the stalk in a neck-tie fashion.

After our hang-out date, she invited me to come do her radio-show with her. I accepted. It was pretty neat. I was the guest DJ Fermi. It was terrifying at first, I don't think I have smoked enough pot to be on a college radio station. But then when Jips told me via Google IM that you could tell I had never been on the air before, I decided to step it up a notch in the "coolness" arena and I think it went better from that point on.

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Novella said...

Doing college radio has more to do with practice than with smoking pot, at least in my experience. I was so terrified my first show, and it wasn't even being broadcast over FM, just on the internet where no one was probably even listening! I used to tape my shows and listen back to them and that helped me work on my radio host skills and get used to the sound of my radio voice. If you get to do it again, try to just relax and have fun playing music that you like for other people.