Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fire Escaped

I spent some time at my empty old apartment on Sunday afternoon while I was waiting for this guy who wanted to buy my desk to show up. Since there was no viable seating option left inside the apartment, I decided to climb out onto the fire escape and wait there. It was the first time that I stood on the fire escape and I kind of immediately regretted that fact. It was very quiet and peaceful. The view was pretty interesting. A voyeur's dream. When my cat lived with me, she would sit on the window sill and look out at the squirrels climbing up and down the fire escape. I used it to spray paint CDs on once. Here's someone's laundry:

My new apartment doesn't have a fire escape. It's on the top floor of a second story building behind a larger main building. My bedroom window overlooks a predominately concrete little courtyard. I asked my girlfriend why she thought I didn't have a fire escape. She said, "They probably figure you can just jump out of the window if there's a fire." I don't know how comfortable I am with that thought. She suggested that I buy a rope ladder, or one of those metal ones that you can store under your bed. I'll consider it. Meanwhile, I hope that I find a place in my new home where I can sit and be still and enjoy the moment.


Fermi said...

I love the panties hanging outside.

Do you think fire escapes are a northern thing? I can't recall ever seeing one, and there are tons of 18 floor apartment complexes here that seem like they would need them.

Novella said...

Maybe the buildings are just older here? Fire escapes are kind of antiquated structures. They are definitely very prevalent in Brooklyn. The new condos that they are building everywhere don't have them though.