Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amazon, get your shit together and send me my DVDs!

I purchased this DVD tonight from Best Buy. And I had to try it out immediately. Last Saturday I ordered 4 DVDs from Amazon and they still haven't arrived! Sure, I picked *super saver shipping* but usually I still get my goods in two days.

Workout DVDs are an interesting genre: Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Tae Bo. Yeah, remember Tae Bo? We used to do that in High School P.E.

So I did this DVD. The 40 minutes flew by, which was good. I think in the future I will skip the flail your arms and legs in a hard to follow pattern (warm up) section. I need these DVDs now because I don't have the flexibility in my schedule to attend workout classes, and it has been long enough past my last body pump class (6 years) where I have lost all motivation doing those workouts on my own. If I manage to pick up weights, I talk myself out of it after five minutes.

This way, when I have a video, I can do the fucking video whether I like it or not. I can write down on my calendar that I did "the video" and that will mean something more concrete than an attempt at weights. This will be good I think. The video itself is pretty basic, but basic moves are way better than the nothing I was doing previously.


Tino said...

The only thing I have trouble with, when it comes to videos, is that it's always the same! After a little while, I resist doing it with all my might.

You go head, though. I'd like to know where you get such discipline.

Fermi said...

It's not discipline. It's obsession.

Actually I haven't done workout videos before... you blogged about this and I am gonna comment there instead as that is a fresher post.