Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lemmings - Minesweeper Hybrid

Hurray for Bomber Man '93! This is one of the old Nintendo games that is available for download and play on the Wii. We don't have it, but Honey G and Gayla do and we played it at their place last night. I am not a fan of most video games. But this one is AWESOME!

If you play 4-player you start out with these guys: White Helmet, Black Helmet, Red Helmet, and Blue Helmet. I was Black Helmet, Gayla = White Helmet, Jips = Blue Helmet, and Honey G = Red Helmet. So first you have to drop a bomb and run away so that the blast doesn't kill you. The bomb blast will get rid of the squares with bricks but not the gray blocks. Basically you try not to die. And you bomb bricks to make space so that you can walk around to kill other people with bombs. Sometimes little icons pop up that you can walk on and get like the fire face in the top right by Red Helmet. That fire face makes your bomb-flame bigger.

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