Saturday, July 26, 2008

Imagine Body Image

I felt good about my body this morning, which is probably a result of the following:
a) lack of menstral cramps
b) lack of muscle soreness
c) being well rested with sleep
d) having my muscles rested as I did not exersize yesterday.

This is probably the first time all week that I have felt this positive about my physical self. Previously, I just felt rotten, but that is no longer the case.

The photos are from a UK online magazine. Now, I am aware that not everyone loves nakedness as much as I do, but I do love these photos. Primarily because it is a display of real nakedness without overt sexuality. Secondly because it shows what men want and what women want in terms of the female form. The result: Men like boobs and ass. I think I've heard this one before.

Living with an extroverted man, it is unmistakable that men like boobs. I felt the need to include both photos because in the top one you can clearly see that Anna has HUGE boobs.

This intrigues me because I lack the obsession with boobs that men have. To me, they are just a reproductive organ that I have yet to use. My face and legs and hands and brain are way more important to me. My face allows me to be silently expressive, my legs get me places, and my hands do everything.

I guess that is where evolution comes in. Men like women who have curves because the curves themselves are outward signs of fertility.

Now I mentioned before that this was from a UK magazine. It got me wondering what the national averages were for The United States. The average women's size in the US is a 14, and the men's size is a 44. This is from a quick google search resulting in : Average Clothing Size is WHAT? and Wonderquest.

EDIT: Please read Peacebone's (Peaches') comment in the comments section. Tres importantes!


Peacebone said...

It might also be of interest to note that UK clothing sizes are different from American ones. A UK 12 is an American 10 and so on. That should match up with the national average being a size 14 instead of 16 in the article. I imagine the US is fairly similar to the UK with ideal body sizes and all that. Just a hunch though. It would be interesting for an American publication to do this same project.

Fermi said...

Good To Know!

I am going to edit this post to make sure people come here and see your comment.

Clay Perry said...

well, call me a pig, but i like all sizes of the female body... personally, i think women are their most attractive after 35 or so, there's character & wisdom in the eyes & thats where attractiveness begins... the most important thing to me is how they handle it, if they act like they dont care, then it conveys over in their personality & they are attractive regardless if they are a 16 or an 8, every one has body issues, but the reality is that boob size doesnt matter.. as the comedian ron white said, "once you see one pair.... you wannna see the rest of 'em"