Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer of Blog

I haven't written since Tuesday.
I tend to not write when things are going shitty.

(skipping the shitty parts for now or perhaps forever)

We rented Bucket List because my mom told me it was great. I bet she loved it because she is an oncology nurse. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman were funny together, but the whole film seemed external. They go on these adventures and die, and they are supposed to change on the inside, but I guess I didn't buy the change. One truth of the film is that people need some time for themselves where they don't have to give of themselves, where they can just be.

I made a red velvet cake. This was my first experience with red velvet and probably will be my last. It is not delicious without cream cheese frosting.

Booton got married this weekend. I am waiting for A. to post photos on facebook. I got a beautiful invitation for her wedding, and I didn't even send in the reply card. Nor did I send a card and gift yet. Maybe I will get that done today.

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