Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday's Workout

*This post is in response to Tino's post below*

How It Started

I started running in 5th grade. I'm not sure why. Maybe because my parents were always running or walking or roller-blade-ing. I decided to run one mile every day for 100 days. We had a treadmill at our house at the time so that made it easy to do even if it was raining outside. And I did it. At the end of the 100 days I ran a 10K.

In 5th-8th grade, one mile turned into two miles a day, and I think in 8th grade I started running 3 on occasion. My older sister informed me that if I was going to run cross-country in High School, 3 miles would be the norm for a "practice." I upped it to 3.

Let's not even talk about High School. My calves are still fucked up from all of the running I did then. My family joined That Awesome Health Club when I was in HS. That was good for me because I started doing some weights. I attended Body Pump classes which are classes based on choreographed music that you lift weights to in a group with an instructor. The music changes but they all have this format:

Track 1: Warm Up
Track 2: Squats
Track 3: Chest
Track 4: Back
Track 5: Biceps
Track 6: Triceps
Track 7: Lunges
Track 8: Shoulders
Then 15 minutes of ab work.

Do I have the order wrong? It has been so long I don't remember now.
Here are Two Body Pump Links: Tracklist site 1, Tracklist site 2

And Why It Continues
That is basically my entry into exercise. Running was a great release for me. I have always been excellent at channeling my anger. It flowed from my body into my thighs and stayed there until I ran it out. I needed to run. I was addicted to it.

Body Pump was magical. It was a great activity for me because the classes were almost like being sociable, but I didn't have to talk to anyone. I just have my spot and do the routine. The next day my body is sore in new places, and I love it. I feel my muscles and become aware that I have them. Stretching feels sooooo good! Throughout the day I move, stretch, and dance. I cannot wait for the next class.

And that is why I continue to exercise. I do cardio for emotional release. Without cardio I become depressed. I cry, sleep, and stare off into space. My body stops moving.

I do weights for the powerful feeling I get during the workout and for the great feeling of being sore the next day. Weights allow me to celebrate my body. The next day I move slightly and I feel my muscles moving. I stretch and feel like the most stunning of creatures (even though I look just like a normal person stretching.)


Tino said...

Haha, "the most stunning of creatures."

I guess I know what you mean, but I've had those feelings with dance classes, practices, and performances instead of Body Pump.

Skuh said...

AH! Lervely, Fermi. You are a stunning creature indeed.