Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Work Music

I spent my whole day at work in front of one computer or another manipulating my data. This is totally different from most of my days lately that at least involve some wet-chemistry bench work. The good thing is that most of this data manipulation is semi-mindless, (read: an undergrad could do it.) and I got to listen to my Ipod while I was processing my files.

I noted two songs that I hadn't enjoyed before:

"Let the Devil In" by TV on the Radio (Untitled 2006 TVOTR Album)


"Song No. 6 (with Ron Sexsmith)" by Ane Brun off of the album: A Temporary Dive

I don't remember too much about the TVOTR song now, I will have to give it a re-listen, but I remember thinking that Peaches would love Song No. 6. So let me know what you think, Peach-bone.

1 comment:

Skuh said...

w00! Knowing how to "manipulate data" sounds really sexy to me.
Props, Fermi.