Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back from Tour

Hey guys. I'm finally back from tour and starting to readjust to everyday life. Playing in Europe was amazing. My favorite spots were definitely Berlin, Prague, Paris, and Birmingham. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to sight see much, but I was able to explore Berlin and see the Eiffel Tower in gay Paris. Above is a pic of Malkmus playing Siren Fest this past Saturday at Coney Island. We flew from Frankfurt to NYC on Friday and arrived at 9pm at JFK airport. We had to be at Coney Island by 10am the next morning to load in our gear for Siren! It was jetlag-heatstroke-crazyshit-city! It was so much fun though. It was the largest crowd we've ever played for and the setting was so killer. The Cyclone was to the right of the stage, and the Wonder Wheel to the left. I actually rode the Cyclone with my band mate later in the day and it wrecked me. At least I rode it before it's gone.

Here's a selection of photos from my flickr:

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Fermi said...

Awesome photos, Novella!

My favorites are the Eiffel Tower and the field with the big tree in front and maybe a church behind it?