Sunday, July 13, 2008

happy birthday, America

I love America, and it seems that the fourth of July makes women want to bake. It is the summer and berries are everywhere so most people make some whipped cream and blue-berry-strawberry cake thing. Not me. Finally I am posting a photo of the disaster of the red velvet cupcakes.

I had such high hopes for these little guys. But the blue is baby-blue, not royal blue, and red-velvet cake is foul. If I were to do this again, no, I won't do this again.

I felt very unmotivated Saturday. I bet there is a correlation with very hard work during the week and total lack of motivation on Saturday. I did get one thing done! I got booton a gift card to bed bath and a nice wedding card. So I will send that off soon. Etiquette sites say that you should not give people gift cards for wedding presents. This is rubbish if you ask me. Once people start having registries, gift cards are okay, because basically they are picking their own stuff out anyway. Gift cards just allow them to get specifically the exact thing they wanted most off of their registry but have not yet received.

We saw Wall-E on Friday night. It was okay. More of a romantic-drama than a romantic comedy. I prefer my romances comedic. How could the fat people make babies if they weren't used to touching each other, that's what I want to know!

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. At least it is another 4 day week for me, because Jips and I are going to my dead grandmother's memorial service on Friday. I am looking forward to the little vacation.

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