Tuesday, May 13, 2008

jungle of loooove

this past weekend was by far the most fun i've had in a long time. we went to new orleans for a friend's wedding....family from fort worth was in town, plus lots of friends. it was so nice to actually have time to catch up. usually the trips to fort worth are too short to actually spend time with everyone, so this was a great change.

the wedding was full of new orleans traditions....and i'm almost ashamed to say i didn't even know about most of them. she pulled up to jackson square in a horse drawn carriage, and after the 15 minute ceremony the whole wedding walked down bourbon street behind a marching band, all the while waving white handkerchiefs. it was such a neat experience...plus it was fun because people on the street got into it and started dancing and cheering too. this whole marching deal is called the "second-line" and is a tradition for weddings and funerals. who knew! she also did a cake pull, where you have ribbons in the icing of the cake, and on the end of each ribbon is a little charm. the charms all mean something different, and is kind of like a fortune for the single girl who pulls it. (apparently i still count as single since we aren't actually married yet...) i pulled the ring, which means next bride. AND i caught the bouquet. if that isn't a sign, i don't know what is. hehe

despite the fun weekend, i've been crazy busy with the end of school. happily, i only have one paper left (due Monday), so my schedule has drastically slowed down. my summer job at school starts in a week or so, and i'll have to start working on my summer paper too. but all of that is pretty much on a whenever-i-want-to basis...so it'll be much MUCH nicer than the semester-style work. i don't like deadlines much.

in other wedding news....mine is in 63 days! now that is exciting! :)


Fermi said...

Do I know this New Orleans bride?

The whole wedding sounds awesome.
What are the class requirements in your program?

booton said...

nope you wouldn't know her...she's a's old friend from work. it was really the most original experience i've ever had.
i still have another semester of classes next year (each full semester is 3 courses, so 9 hours). after that i'll only be teaching and writing my dissertation...and actually i'm supposed to be starting that asap.