Saturday, May 10, 2008


So Fermi, your last posts have been pretty funny. However, they've also been slightly lonely, so I figured I would contribute to this "group" blog even though lots of the group has lost their revolutionary fervor. Today should be a pretty good day. I get to go have free crawfish in about an hour and my parents are in town, so that might translate to a grocery run, also free.

School if finally winding down. I know all you college/grad school peeps are probably already restless from summer since everyone finishes before high school, but I am in the big shits right now. One week of classes then finals. I know it's going to speed by, but I have SO much grading to do. I brought a GIANT stack of research papers home with me to grade this weekend. So gross. Good thing they are only 5 paragraphs. I would hate to teach juniors.

Anywho, one of the reasons I really wanted to post today is because I'm a little pissed off about what happened last night. I had plans to go out to some keg party with an old friend of mine. For those of you who know me, this is a girl who I went to high school with and lived with for 2 years in the dorms. Well, we were going to hang out this weekend, including last night at some keg party. So she originally said it was going to be starting about 9 or so and then called me after 9 to say that it wouldn't be starting until after 10:30. So in the meantime, I hung out with my neighbor and got a little messed up. Use deductive reasoning on that one. So she finally calls at like 11:30 (I know, right?) and gives me directions to the place and then when I tell her that I'm messed up, she tells me that she doesn't think it would be a good idea if I came. And so we got into this argument, where I was saying "why don't you want me to come" and she was saying "I do, but I didn't think you would be messed up." So eventually, she said something like "I'm worried for you how you will look in front of my friends since you've never met them before and they'll know you're messed up." And I said "I don't care how I look to them, I don't know them and I'll probably never see them again, and pretty much fuck them if they really care anyway." So then she says "well, you'll be representing me." So I was just like "well fuck this, I'm not going if you're going to act like that."

Ugh. I was so pissed. How fucking high school can you get? Since when are my decisions reflective of people I don't even spend that much time around anymore? And I wasn't even that off, it's not like I'm some meth addict with no teeth. To top it off, it was a fucking keg party with a bunch of people in their early/mid twenties who (I can pretty much guarantee) are no stranger to my state last night. Just stupid ho shit. Drama.

So I was supposed to hang out with this girl again tonight and I already asked off for work to see her graduate from vet school Monday (the reason there are so many parties this weekend). Just fucking absurd. If my mom wasn't coming into town, I would so break the plans at the last minute, not even joking.

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