Saturday, May 3, 2008

Career Girls! How Exciting!

The top and bottom images of this post are from the same game (see below) What Shall I Be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls.

I initially notice the following:
1) All of the Career Girls are wearing skirts.
2) All of the Career Girls are white.
3) The wording "Career Girls" suggests that working is not the default position of women.
4) The wording "Career Girls" to me suggests child labor. But really what is being depicted are women's career choices, perhaps "Girls" is used to suggest that women are dependent like children.
5) Board Game Designer is not one of the Career Choices for Girls. (Read: Boys in power are promoting the stereotype.)
6) Career Girls can Entertain: Model, Actress, Ballet Dancer.
7) Career Girls can Serve: Airline Waitress, Nurse, Teacher.
8) My generation did not grow up with this game. I thank the feminists.


Novella said...

Hahaha. Do you own this game or just find images online? It is a humorous artifact indeed. I thank the feminists as well.

Fermi said...

I don't own the game. I stole the images from someone else's blog... I forget which one, I should have cited it.