Monday, May 12, 2008

Do I have chocolate on my face?

Ahh, Peaches, I have been tickled by your past two posts. I love the one about the parent calling, and our grandmothers being computers. You also mention the fact that I have been trying to NOT mention... That you and I are the only posters as of 4-20 day. I've only been avoiding the subject because of who? Who else -- my boss.

So my boss is quite possibly THE WORST TEACHER EVER. I have had the joy of taking 2 out of 2 of his graduate level classes. They are bad. He gets up in front of us, lectures, observes our unhappy faces, and stops the lecture to say to us:

"Why don't you love [enter class name here]!?! You should be thrilled to learn about this! This class is better than anything else in your life! What is wrong with you!"

Now, we are accosted as the collective "you," which is better than being singled out. But still, stopping the lecture to tell us to be excited about your lecture topic is NOT the way to motivate students. It only draws attention to the fact that you are a sucky teacher.

That is why I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that no one was blogging. Instead I tried to just post alot myself to make blogging seem fun. heh. well, in other news...

Today Zazu and I had this conversation.
Setting: My office, Zazu reading a science book.
Props: the office should be filled with diet soda bottles and cans, half of them full of soda, half of them consumed. Estimate number of 2 liter bottles: 8, Estimate number of cans: 18.
Enter Stage Left: Fermi
Zazu turns to look at Fermi and speaks (slowly): Do you have any chocolate?
Fermi (surprised): Do I have chocolate on my face?
Zazu (seems to think Fermi did not understand the question): No, Do you have any chocolate?
Fermi (again, surprised): Do I have chocolate on my face?
Zazu: No. I just want to know if you have any.
Fermi: Oh. No, I don't have any. Why?
Zazu: Well, sometimes when I am reading--not that I'm not interested in what I am reading-- but I just get tired. So I need some chocolate.
Fermi: Why don't you just have a soda?
Zazu (looking around): Well, I could... but I don't like to drink soda.
Fermi: Why not?
Zazu: Because its unhealthy... and I have bad teeth. Its not good for my teeth.
Fermi: Have some coffee.
Zazu: I don't like coffee.
Fermi: So you need chocolate.
Zazu: Right.
photo from a free photo site. By Hbregazzi.

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Peacebone said...

heh. Yeah, I was wondering about the lack of bloggering. A little lame. Maybe we should come up with another topic that lots of people wnat to contribute with, like stuff white people like, but not quite as long and listish.

Lemme know.