Thursday, May 15, 2008

Focus on the Positive

The Best Things In My Life Right Now
1. We now have two parking passes. That means we both can drive to school. Normally I take the subway two stops to school, with walking on either side. Most of the year I prefer the public transportation and walking... But in the summer I get covered in sweat. The fact that I can get to school without becoming drenched in sweat seems like a miracle.
2. No group meeting with my boss, but I still get to bring my "unsolvable" problems to my lab-members and we can brain-storm solutions together.
3. I am married to a wonderful person.
4. I cuddle with dogs every night.
5. I have a low resting heart-rate, and overall good health.
6. We aren't moving this year.
7. I found an awesome book to read from Peachbone's library: I like You by Amy Sedaris.
8. I am very fond of (and close to) 2 of my fellow group-mates.
9. Cole can now take care of the dogs during all of our weekend trips this summer!
10. I am done with all of the qualifying crap required for my degree.
11. I just saw Radiohead.


Tino said...

I have that book and I love it too!

I used her recipes for Greek food. They're excellent.

Novella said...

Who opened for Radiohead at the show?

Fermi said...


Jips and I were not especially impressed with them.

Tino: I can't wait to try the Greek stuff now, I had been looking at it.

Novella said...

Oh yeah? I haven't seen Liars in a few years, but I really love their records. I've never seen Radiohead, but would really like to.