Monday, May 12, 2008

Heatwave Humming

So even though I'm the last one who posted, I'm posting again.

I need to vent a little about teaching right now. About how much I am NOT wanting to be doing it. I have not felt this good on a Monday morning all year. Why? Cause today was the last Monday of classes. Tomorrow will be even better as I'm finishing my Spanish class. Wednesday even better as it is my last day of lunch duty. Thursday and Friday will just be pure rainbows.

I am so burnt out. And I am burnt out in a way you can only be when you know without a doubt that what you are doing is not right for you and that you won't be doing it for very much longer.

The icing on the burnt cake has to be this email I just got from a parent. He asked me to tell me what kinds of grades his child was making because "he didn't want to be surprised like he was at the last report card." Oh, I'm sorry, your son was failing pretty much the entire quarter. The fact that he got a 0/40 on a paper he completely plagiarized from spark notes (5 paragraph character analysis turned into a 2 paragraph character description taken directly from spark notes--my favorite part was when I confronted him about it, he told me his grandmother helped him, evidently his g-ma is a PC) really did not change his grade at all. It really just went from an F to a lower F.

Which brings me to my next point, waaaaay back in 2002 (I know, a whole 6 years ago) when I was in high school, our freaking grades weren't posted online. We didn't expect teachers to give us a running average of our grades every two weeks, or every day as some kids complain when I don't have their tests graded immediately. And once more, when I fucked up on an assignment, I god-dammed knew it. Why don't you ask your kid if he even bothered to read the book we took the test on instead of demanding that I give him bonus points now?

In other news: a cool t-shirt webby site. threadless

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