Monday, May 19, 2008

Mouthwash for Lunch

toothpaste for dinner

Comic from March 21, 2008 if you look in the archives:

This comic brings up two things. Feminism and the government. Lately I have been looking at alot of different blogs and I found some interesting themes:

Feminism (by anyone)
Politics (by anyone)
Teaching k-12 (by teachers)
Academic (nameless professors writing about stuff)
Mom-Blog (by moms about kids/family)
Overweight People

First of all, I don't understand why political blogs are so popular. Sure, the way our nation is run is the one thing that unites all Americans... And Politicians are our Royalty. But in my view, Political stuff is insignificant. Most of it is BS. In the end, what gives your life meaning? Is it the fact that you are a Democrat? or is it the fact that you have a great best friend and a loving partner and family that accepts you for who you are?

Next up we have Academics. I have decided that becoming a professor is essentially becoming a priest of your subject. It is a vocation, something that you devote your life to.

So are there other blog network titles? If so, what are they???


Clay Perry said...

theres always my blog...

Novella said...

All of the blogs that I frequent, aside from this one, seem to be either news, music, or art-related. I've noticed that there are many neighborhood-centered blogs here in NY that focus on neighborhood issues and local events. And of course there is, which I read everyday, that covers news, events, etc. for the 5 boroughs.

Some of my friends keep amazing blogs that I like to keep track of. Emjo does a daily drawing based on the New York Times crossword puzzle and posts them to her blog:

Emjo's Blog

Her friend Lillian also blogs daily (well, almost daily) art projects involving found objects and collage that I think is pretty amazing:

Lillian's Blog

I also really enjoy my girlfriend's blog, though her entries are sporadic as of late:

Girlfriend's Blog

Fermi said...

news music or art related.

I bet there is a large amount of linking between blogs in the art community and maybe there would be more music blogs if myspace(music) wasn't around.

I am aware that there are many other personal blogs that do not fall into any category. I guess I was looking for other blog networks... massive networks linking blogs to blogs beyond real life friends.

the NYT crossword and the girlfriend's blog are awesome. I hadn't been to those before.