Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hot child in the city

Decisions, decisions, are what I make. This particular one is living on-campus vs. living off campus. I got my room assignment today and it was not the precise residence hall I wanted but it is the cheaper one. Coincidentally, I also made contact with my lead on off-campus housing and got more info on that situation. So what I'm going to do is make pros and cons about living on and off campus. And then maybe you guys can help me make up my mind?

On Campus
  • one bill, once a semester, no hassles or check to write or using too much power to worry about
  • ON campus: proximity to dining halls, classes, workout facilities, library
  • no roommate worries (single room)
  • fully furnished
  • safe, on-campus community, cops, etc
  • lots of other (grad) students around -- chance to make new friends
  • predictable
  • bathroom facilities cleaned by professionals (ie, not me)
  • dining hall facilities ranked #2 in country
  • little reason to leave campus/drive (low fuel costs)
  • contract lasts for the duration of the academic year
  • community bathroom at age 24; shower shoes, basket of shower poof and shampoo, etc. I thought I was done with that BS.
  • dining contract is required and EXPENSIVE, I like cooking and I love grocery shopping (but would I really have time for these things?)
  • could be noisy even though it's an honors undergrad/grad student building
  • slightly more expensive
Off Campus
  • some separation from "student life"
  • immediately know someone (could be good or bad)
  • roommate has a cat and dog
  • neighborhood life is probably quieter than dorm life
  • kitchen, bathroom, bedroom: actual rooms dedicated to each function.
  • room is furnished
  • paying bills each month is lame
  • utilities will vary and maybe not in proportion to my use
  • probably colder in the winter than the 3rd floor of a dorm that is heated for a bunch of peeps
  • could be harder to meet people
  • commute to class
  • scared enough already about doing anything in snow
  • I tend to study more in libraries and study rooms, which are more available on campus
  • roommate could suck
  • might not be able to only rent for 10 months, she is looking for a year lease.
So guys, let me know what you think.

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Fermi said...

Knowing you, Peach bone. You want to stay on campus. It will probably help you get to class on time and you may not have alot of time to cook. (all programs are different though)

For me, I could not stand to live on campus... But we are different people.

It really comes down to what YOU value the most... And you already know that answer.