Saturday, April 12, 2008

when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie....

i thought my life was going to settle down, but it's absolutely not
going to at all until the semester is over...which i guess is
how graduate school is supposed to be!

my fiance and i took our engagement pictures a few weeks
ago, and it was actually quite fun! i had always thought
engagement pictures were cheesy (which they definitely are)
and a waste of money, but once it came time for us to
decide i realized i actually wanted to take some. just the idea
to have all of these pictures of us young and in love...and even
just the memory of that day taking pictures. it just seemed
like a waste not to do it! plus i think it's fun that we'll have these goofy pictures of us making out all over downtown, and how scarring it will be for our kids to look at the album....

school is as busy as ever with papers and readings, but it's getting to the point where i know i'm in the right field. i'm getting excited about my research- and at least for me, that means i'm going to do a much better job!

also, very exciting news- we found a house today!!! we've been living in this TINY one-bedroom house...literally it's about 300 square feet (which is pretty much just one square that will fit 1 1/2 couches, a bed, a little desk, and pretty much only 4 people at a time). and our new place is this really funky old house with a sunken den- 2 bedrooms and a study!! i'm so excited....definitely the highlight of my week.

that's all the time for today- and now it's time for bed! (i'm old and not much fun anymore, i enjoy my sleep)

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