Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a very white response.

This is not going to be pretty:

#95 Rugby: nope
#94 Free Healthcare: used to live in France (1)
#93 Music Piracy: haven't paid for music in years with the exception of In Rainbows (2)
#92 Book Deals: don't care
#91 San Francisco: a city full of snakes
#90 Dinner Parties: LOVE THEM. I have 2 bottles of wine on my fridge waiting for the next one (3)
#89 St. Patrick’s Day: booze and pinching and an awesome parade (4)
#88 Having Gay Friends: I consider myself an amateur fruit fly (5)
#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes: still wearing my soccer shorts and t-shirts "uniform" from the last 9 years
#86 Shorts: nah, more on skorts
#85 The Wire: don't know what this is

#84 T-Shirts: why doesn't love a good T? (6)
#83 Bad Memories of High School: not terrible (6.5)
#82 Hating Corporations: guilty more in theory than practice(7.5)
#81 Graduate School: just enrolled (8.5)
#80 The Idea of Soccer: played for 8 years (9.5)
#79 Modern Furniture: neutral, but since I have shopped at Ikea (10)
#78 Multilingual Children: planning to marry a Dutch man (11)
#77 Musical Comedy: I do love Flight of the Conchords (11.5)
#76 Bottles of Water: nah
#75 Threatening to Move to Canada: planned to move to Montreal at the beginning of the school year, don't really threaten though (12)

#74 Oscar Parties: I hate the Oscars
#73 Gentrification: it's super cool (13)
#72 Study Abroad: f yes. Studied once and went back again after college (14)
#71 Being the only white person around: I can't say this has ever happened
#70 Difficult Breakups: I'll let you know as soon as I have a relationship long enough for there to be an actual breakup.
#69 Mos Def: MOSt DEFinitely not
#68 Michel Gondry: don't know him
#67 Standing Still at Concerts: when I go, I am guilty (15)
#66 Divorce: not opposed but don't plan on it
#65 Co-Ed Sports: guys are too competitive about sports, I do love some co-ed badminton

#64 Recycling: love it, I always fill up recycling quicker than my trash (16)
#63 Expensive Sandwiches: there's this whole foods sandwich with turkey, brie, and Adriatic fig spread. It is mind blowing. (17)
#62 Knowing What’s Best for Poor People: I don't pretend that
#61 Bicycles: about to ride mine to the Rec in a few minutes. (18)
#60 Toyota Prius: can't afford that shit
#59 Natural Medicine: hokey, and not just VT
#58 Japan: I would go there, but I'd rather go somewhere else.
#57 Juno: never seen it, don't plan to see it, don't care about preggies
#56 Lawyers: my dad, his 3 siblings, and his father are/were all lawyers. I chose grad school over law. (19)
#55 Apologies: huh?, I guess? (20)

#54 Kitchen Gadgets: outside of a toaster oven and a cork screw, it doesn't get too much fancier.
#53 Dogs: they are cute little poopers. (21)
#52 Sarah Silverman: she's fucking Matt Damon, point (22)
#51 Living by the Water: enh, do the LSU lakes count?
#50 Irony: a noun, when something is the opposite of what you would have expected your English teacher to do. (23)
#49 Vintage: sparingly (23.5)
#48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops: I did mention the thing about Adriatic fig spread? (24.5)
#47 Arts Degrees: I assume English counts? How about a masters in International Affairs? (25.5)
#46 The Sunday New York Times: sometimes wished I lived in New York for this alone (26.5)
#45 Asian Fusion Food: put soy ginger on anything and I will eat it (27.5)

#44 Public Radio: This American Life is the best show EVER. I just paid 20 bucks to see a satellite broadcast. (28.5)
#43 Plays: no
#42 Sushi: hells yes (29.5)
#41 Indie Music: point and a half, listening to Neko Case right now (31)
#40 Apple Products: hate apple, the ipod is evil
#39 Netflix: once again, the not having any money is fucking me
#38 Arrested Development: there's always money in the banana stand (32)
#37 Renovations: I rent not to own
#36 Breakfast Places: hungover Louie's is amazing (33)
#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report: if it's on when I'm at home, I'll take ganders (34)

#34 Architecture: sure, most of the time anyway (35)
#33 Marijuana: (36)
#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism: on and off for 3 years (37)
#31 Snowboarding: doesn't really happen in Louisiana
#30 Wrigley Field: HATE baseball
#29 80s Night: too much smoke at the spanish moon
#28 Not having a TV: so guilty (38)
#27 Marathons: done 4 halves, plan to do a full eventually (39)
#26 Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!): gonna live there eventually (40)
#25 David Sedaris: He's coming to BR on the 18th of June!!!!!! (41)

#24 Wine: love it, white, red, rose, it's tres bon (42)
#23 Microbreweries: yummy (43)
#22 Having Two Last Names: I could never give up my last name
#21 Writers Workshops: not my bag
#20 Being an expert on YOUR culture: I hate Cajun music but will eat crawfish and drink Abita
#19 Traveling: just give me my over sized touring backpack and some soap on a rope (44)
#18 Awareness: ooh Gertrude, I don't even know how many times I used this word in my grad school essays (45)
#17 Hating their Parents: high school doesn't count
#16 Gifted Children: I mean, there's no other way they'll be with Dutch genes (46)
#15 Yoga: maybe when I'm 50 and my legs are shot from running

#14 Having Black Friends: enh, not intentionally
#13 Tea: LOVE IT (47)
#12 Non-Profit Organizations: working for one this summer (48)
#11 Asian Girls: only Asian babies, they are the cutest
#10 Wes Anderson Movies: oh, are they? (49)
#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside: more for not exercising than not going outside (50)
#8 Barack Obama: Wycelf for president (51)
#7 Diversity: a given (52)
#6 Organic Food: overpriced
#5 Farmer’s Markets: only in france (53)
#4 Assists: I hate basketball
#3 Film Festivals: only in France, and not that much
#2 Religions their parents don’t belong to: nah
#1 Coffee: hate it

Dang, 53/95. If I did my figuring correctly, that's 55% white.

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