Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Last Mo-Hee-Can

#95 Rugby: No. The stripes on the shirt are fattening.
#94 Free Healthcare: No. But there has got to be a better answer than our current insurance company situation.
#93 Music Piracy: Hells Yes. That is the NOW answer. When I had an expendable income (high school) all I did was buy CDs. Now though, I lack the expendable income. (1)
#92 Book Deals: While book deals seem that they would be better than drug deals, I would probably relate more to the drug dealers. Answer: No.
#91 San Francisco: is beautiful. All of it. (2)
#90 Dinner Parties: I've only been to one, at Evil Will's house (huckleberry hound to you, Peach Bone) umm so no. I would rather not have food-centered events in my life.
#89 St. Patrick’s Day: Lame Excuse to Drink.
#88 Having Gay Friends: indifferent.
#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes: hehe. I laugh about this every time I see someone wearing a mountain hard ware jacket with the little bolt on it. I don't wear them.
#86 Shorts: Yes. My whole Life I have been into shorts. Although I have been into skirts lately. (3)
#85 The Wire: What? Should I know about this?
#84 T-Shirts: yes. hells yes. (4)
#83 Bad Memories of High School: hehe. you know it. I am glad to see that Novella and I had equally bad memories of High School. (5)

5 + 12.5 = 17.5 / 95 = 18.42 % White

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