Friday, April 18, 2008

my turn

so, my morning class got cancelled because my professor is sick...and that means that i have an hour where doing no econ work won't make me feel guilty! actually, i'll probably just start working after this, but what a nice way to waste some time this morning :)
#95 Rugby: not so much
#94 Free Healthcare: there are better ways
#93 Music Piracy: my excuse is that i'm a poor graduate student, but i probably could afford a cd now and then... (1)
#92 Book Deals: i can't no thank you
#91 San Francisco: never been, but would like to go someday (1.5)
#90 Dinner Parties: if i get to bake something! absolutely (2.5)
#89 St. Patrick’s Day: all i have to do is walk out of my front door and there's the parade!! and a whole day of drinking and being lazy....fantastic (3.5)
#88 Having Gay Friends: makes no difference to me, i like friends in general (4)
#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes: not my style
#86 Shorts: i'm a jean/dress girl
#85 The Wire: eh?
#84 T-Shirts: easiest way to get ready for class, yes please (5)
#83 Bad Memories of High School: yes definitely (there are good ones too though) (6)
#82 Hating Corporations: nah, corporations are good competition (7)
#81 Graduate School: in the process (8)
#80 The Idea of Soccer: the idea? it's ok i guess...
#79 Modern Furniture: i like the mix of new and old (9)
#78 Multilingual Children: if my fiance and i learn spanish like we plan to (10)
#77 Musical Comedy: guilty (11)
#76 Bottles of Water: we just got a filter!
#75 Threatening to Move to Canada: nope, just back to texas
#74 Oscar Parties: i'd never throw one, but i might go (11.5)
#73 Gentrification: depends (12)
#72 Study Abroad: i wish i had gone to italy (13)
#71 Being the only white person around: just because my fiance is mexican (and thus his entire family is too) (14)
#70 Difficult Breakups: been there, done that...not a fan
#69 Mos Def: don't really care
#68 Michel Gondry: who?
#67 Standing Still at Concerts: nope, i like to dance and sing
#66 Divorce: in certain situations, it should happen (15)
#65 Co-Ed Sports: i'm not very coordinated, ooh i can play tennis though, if that counts (16)
#64 Recycling: great in theory, but i can't say i do
#63 Expensive Sandwiches: i'll eat a turkey sandwich anywhere (17)
#62 Knowing What’s Best for Poor People: eventually i hope my research can change something (18)
#61 Bicycles: i want one! we don't have room at the moment (19)
#60 Toyota Prius: nope, i like my mazda
#59 Natural Medicine: nah, i'll stick with the other stuff
#58 Japan: no
#57 Juno: going to watch it tonight! (20)
#56 Lawyers: both of my parents..and my best friend (21)
#55 Apologies: if i did something wrong, sure (22)
#54 Kitchen Gadgets: yes LOVE them! (23)
#53 Dogs: yep, i miss mine (24)
#52 Sarah Silverman: yep, she cracks me up (25)
#51 Living by the Water: by the LSU lakes, but i don't know if they should count as water (25.5)
#50 Irony: take it or leave it
#49 Vintage: not my style
#48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops: i don't shop there because i like spending a little money on groceries...not my whole month's paycheck
#47 Arts Degrees: i wish i was more artistic (26.5)
#46 The Sunday New York Times: "the new york times has 2 research ideas a week, A WEEK people!!" (27.5)
#45 Asian Fusion Food: i like almost all food (28.5)
#44 Public Radio: nah
#43 Plays: not so much
#42 Sushi: kona has the best sushi...and it's half price at happy hour mmmm (29.5)
#41 Indie Music: i love all music, except for country (30.5)
#40 Apple Products: i guess, i don't really care about apple, but i have an ipod (31)
#39 Netflix: no. i don't have time for that many movies
#38 Arrested Development: i'm not a fan. i'll stick to the original
#37 Renovations: i'm not good with my hands...i'm in fact, quite clumsy
#36 Breakfast Places: yes!! breakfast anytime of the day!!! (32)
#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report: only if i'm at my parents house, not by choice
#34 Architecture: i can appreciate a pretty building (33)
#33 Marijuana: eh
#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism: no way...i like meat too much
#31 Snowboarding: back to the clumsy thing...
#30 Wrigley Field: indifferent
#29 80s Night: i love the 80s! (34)
#28 Not having a TV: um. no. i am a tv junkie when i can be (35)
#27 Marathons: i'm a short distance runner...i can't hang
#26 Manhattan: i'd like to visit (36)
#25 David Sedaris: again, i don't know who this is...
#24 Wine: yes, especially 3 for $10! (37)
#23 Microbreweries: yep (38)
#22 Having Two Last Names: nope, i'll have 2 middle names soon though
#21 Writers Workshops: not unless its dissertation writing
#20 Being an expert on YOUR culture: not an expert by any means...i can eat a ridiculous amount of crawfish though...
#19 Traveling: yes please!! (39)
#18 Awareness: uh, yeah... (40)
#17 Hating their Parents: no way, my parents are great
#16 Gifted Children: oh, our kids will be smart (41)
#15 Yoga: my new favorite way to de-stress (42)
#14 Having Black Friends: again, it doesn't matter to me (43)
#13 Tea: nah
#12 Non-Profit Organizations: of course (44)
#11 Asian Girls: i don't care...
#10 Wes Anderson Movies: surely (45)
#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside: nope, i'm lazy too
#8 Barack Obama: sure, i guess (45.5)
#7 Diversity: absolutely (46.5)
#6 Organic Food: i'm too poor
#5 Farmer’s Markets: i like fresh pickins (47)
#4 Assists: don't care
#3 Film Festivals: they have film festivals in br? (48)
#2 Religions their parents don’t belong to: i like my parents' religion
#1 Coffee: diet cokes please
This is actually lower than I expected: 48/95...i'm a 50.5% little white girl.
one last side note: fermi i think the whole being embarrassed to sing thing does stem from some childhood experience where someone makes fun of you or says you can't sing. personally, i know i am tone-deaf, but i love to sing by myself or even with quin around (this whole "my fiance" thing is too long so i'll go with quin from now on). i've done karaoke before, but they can make you sound good and i think that takes the pressure off. i think singing can be very personal and sometimes it's scary to let someone hear you- in case they just tell you that you suck. also, i COMPLETELY agree that singing is sexy...quin has the greatest voice. it just makes me melt...mmm
happy friday!

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