Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frisky Dingo & Honey G, BFF

This seems to be an odd arrangement of photos. Walking around a city gives you a different perspective than driving around in it.
Obviously, you go
slower when you walk. Maybe that is why I tend to notice more things. Like this Frisky Dingo sign. It is a bit disturbing at first because of the black and gray and red eyes. But then ... I think: Frisky Dingo... That should mean a dog, not some sunken old face. Speaking of dogs, I was walking mine and there was a dog in a house. He was laying by the stairs but when he saw me get my camera he stood up and started
barking at us. He lives in this really modern house with a tall glass enclosed staircase.

This past weekend we had Honey G and his girlfriend over. Honey G is a pretty awesome guy that works with Jips. We played Rockband. It was fun and interesting. Jips was on drums, Honey G played guitar, and I was prepared to be the bassist while Honey G's girl sang, but she apparently did not feel comfortable singing loud and strong like I do... so I ended up singing.

Singing alone in front of people is something that takes some getting used to. I was scared when I first did it... mostly because growing up my sister always told me how much I sucked at singing. But on Rockband (like sing-star and karaoke revolution) you get points for hitting the right notes at the right time. The point is... I am pretty excellent at singing. When I got 100% on a song on Medium, Honey G moved me up to Hard. And I was pretty awesome on Hard, too! Now, I'm not on Expert yet... oh but I will be!

I find that for people who don't have experience in chorus or musicals or leading a band, singing can be embarrassing. Is it because we can't hear exactly what we sound like? Did we all have someone in the past tell us that we suck? The interesting thing is that I LOVE listening to people sing now. When Jips sings (he's had voice training and musical experience but still...) when he sings I find it so hot. I want to jump in his pants. And when my college roommates came to visit and they sang on Rockband I LOVED their voices too.

but singing is about sexual confidence
so sing out your stuff
if you feel good enough
to let the moment just hit you,
if the music befits you
-Hawksley Workman
"Paper Shoes"

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Novella said...

I feel like singing is a very intimate thing. That's what makes it scary, and also what draws us to people when they sing. I personally am not into it. I've never been into it. It just doesn't come naturally to me. I love it when other people sing though.

I really like that dogg in the glass house. The house reminds me of that Flatland conceptual house.