Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pink Bubbly Goodness

Currently I am enjoying the pink bubbly goodness that is diet cherry 7up. I think I have a cold or something. I have a runny nose and I feel so exhausted, too exhausted to think, which is odd.

I worked nonstop for 10 days. I thought nonstop about science. And now, my body says no. The good news is that I am excited about my thesis project for the first time ever. This also might be the first time I actually know what my thesis project is supposed to be about, which is also a good thing, but I am concerned because I don't know everything about my thesis project yet, and I am afraid that my committee will expect me to know everything on April 2nd.

What is April 2nd? It's my PhD candidacy exam. From 9 am until 11 am I will be in a conference room with the 5 professors on my committee: 2 Analytical Chemists, 2 Biochemists (one biophysical, one organic), and 1 Mechanical Engineer. I give a 15 min presentation and then they can ask me anything they want. My presentation is 50% about my thesis and research completed to date, and 50% about my original proposal: an idea that I come up with myself. (In my department, my thesis is whatever my boss tells me my thesis will be. The original proposal is my chance to show that I can think for myself.)

I have given 2 practices so far mostly on my original proposal and everyone (including my boss and group members) think it is a really good idea, so that is good. But I have 15 pages to write before Monday, and I have tons of mechanisms and biochem to learn. Did I mention that I really don't know anything about biochemistry?

Tomorrow is Good Friday. At the grocery store I look at the chocolate bunnies and think about getting one for us to share. They look so wonderful in the store, but I know that if I eat a chocolate bunny it will just make my face break out and I will feel mostly unsatisfied. There is something about non-nutritious food that I am just not into right now.

Fucking amino acids. I have no idea what their pKas are!

I have been thinking alot about materialism lately. Jips and I went to Ikea on a previous weekend and it was what I imagine going to hell would be like. That is materialism in the worst sense. I don't think all material things are bad though.

I will leave you with my LIST OF GOOD THINGS:

Chips and Salsa
Purple Velcro Shoes
Giraffe Purses

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