Saturday, March 1, 2008

too much of a shock

My Grandmother died today. Yesterday, my dad sent me an email from work.

Subject: My Mother

I don't know if mom or I have told you about my mother. About a month ago your aunt S---- told me that my mother was now on "total care" and was having increasing difficulty swallowing and that, associated with other issues, led to the decision to put her on hospice care. That means she may die soon. And I just wanted you to be aware of that so if one day we call you to tell you she has died, it won't come as too much of a shock.
Love Dad

If you would like to discuss, mom is off work today around the house or on her cell in town, I am at work: xxx-xxx-xxxx

He flew up there yesterday. Aunt A---- flew up today. Five minutes after Aunt A---- walked into the room, my grandmother passed. They aren't going to have a funeral. Just a memorial service some time in the future in the town where she lived before my Aunt S---- started to take care of her. I was more worried about my dad, but my mom says he is doing well.

There are nice flowers in my apartment complex. It snowed less than 7 days ago, but it was sunny and beautiful today.

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Novella said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. :(

Those flowers are pretty.