Monday, March 10, 2008

i'm still here!

my life is absolutely crazy these days, but i wanted to post really quickly for a mini-update.

1) i think the recent postings are great! i've been on both sides of the spectrum, and how a relationship evolves absolutely depends on the individuals' personalities and expectations. i also really liked fermi's description of the continuum, it's definitely easier to be friends with someone who is nothing like a person you see yourself with.

2) i went to my first dress fitting (i'm getting married in july) and the lady who will be doing the alterations was so amazed because i said i trusted her judgement. she told me stories about other brides who cried, yelled at her, etc. because she needed to cut the dresses for alterations. i know there is this common trend for women to go crazy, "bridezilla", but it still baffles me. we're having a big wedding, but i don't see the need to yell or obsess over little details. i think it's still possible to have a nice wedding, that represents both of you, without going crazy.

3) i absolutely cannot wait for spring break in 2 weeks...sadly, there will be no beach involved, but i'll be able to really catch up on my work.

i'll have more time to update soon, hopefully. :)

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Novella said...

I'm trying to imagine you as a bridezilla right now and it's really hilarious.