Friday, March 14, 2008

A Different Kind of Valentine

It has been exactly one month since the chocolate candies, red roses, sappy cards, and heart pendants left the storefront windows. A month since every fine dining restaurant in every major city was booked full for dinner, and tables were set with candles and roses. Meals were 6 courses and bottles of champagne and wine were flowing like water. And every man in America felt the need to make the evening special for his woman.

The constant battle of "Valentine's Day-- the romantic holiday" vs. "Valentine's Day-- the Hallmark holiday" is not the subject of this post. Rather, a few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a movement that has been considered Valentine's twin brother. The idea is that your man put every effort into making Feb 14 special for you, making reservations at your favorite restaurant, wracking his brain for the perfect gift, and taking you home at night for the most passionate love-making you could imagine. So, it's payback time. It's your turn to put out the effort and show him that you love and appreciate him every ounce as much as he does you.

But what do men want? Not flowers or candies or sappy cards (though neither do I, but that's a whole different story). No, it's no secret what men love. And so the site was created, to spread the word that men themselves deserve a day of pampering. I think it's pretty self explanatory about what they might want instead of flowers and candy.


I find the whole idea amusing. I don't really buy into the whole Valentine's Day thing, but it sure is nice to get taken out to dinner and to spend the night remembering why you chose to be with the person you are with and how much you both really care. I do love the designated day to be pampered and adored, even though I recognize how commercial it is. This year's Valentine's Day was particularly wonderful for me. He took me to and incredible dinner, which we dragged out for hours, drinking wine and enjoying each other's conversation, while being constantly reminded of how perfect our love is. And with that in mind, I do like the idea of making a day special for him too. Whether it's specifically a steak and a blow job or just cooking his favorite meal and spending time doing the things that he loves to do, I think he deserves the same effort and affection that he gave me just one month ago. I'm pretty sure mine's going to "settle" for a steak and a bj, but I do encourage you to take the time to think about what yours might want, and pick a day to make special for him.

Disclaimer: I know this is very un-PC to make this specifically for a man and woman, it is just so much easier to write that way. The whole idea obviously goes for any two people, or three people, or ten people who want to take a pause from day to day life and remind each other how much they care.

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Fermi said...

heh, I thought 3.14 was pi day!