Friday, March 28, 2008

the train from Kansas City

Having an entire week off from work gives you A LOT of free time. And aside from committing to a grad school in Virginia (something I hesitate to mention due to Fermi's post with a lot of grad animosity) and turing in my application for the Peace Corps, I've been delightfully lazy.

Mostly, I've watched a lot of tv. That brings me to my next topic of discussion. Does anyone actually watch A Baby Story on TLC? Maybe I'm just cold-hearted, but I don't see the appeal, and therefore don't see why What Not to Wear or Cash Cab isn't on instead. Although Cash Cab might be on Discovery. Oh well. The point is, I'm not interested in seeing childbirth. Especially not the childbirth of strangers.

Another fun thing I've done has been to cook this amazing french dish called choucroute. It is a dish from the Alsace region of France, which has played something of a geographical musical chairs with France and Germany, so there is a lot of German influence. The kind my mom and I made last night had sauerkraut, kielbasa (polish sausage), venision sausage (couldn't leave out the coon ass), ham hock, candian bacon, regular bacon, onions, butter, potatoes, apples, and white wine. To season it, I made a little sac of spices in cheesecloth with juniper berries, peppercorn, bay leaves, thyme, and caraway seeds. It was a delightful mini-dinner party. It made me miss being in France a lot.

The last thing I've been doing to excess is looking at That stuff is hilarious.

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Fermi said...

damn peacebone.
I have been looking at LOLcats for days now.

I need to focus.
and everytime I go to write Peacebone
I always end up typing Peach bone.


Peacebone said...

heheheh. Lolcats are the freaking best!

you can call me peach bone if you want. I need to email you the song that inspired this moniker.