Friday, March 28, 2008

2 days late with my written part.

Tonight I was at work until 11:30 pm. Around 11, one of my old undergrads who used to work in our lab "Mary" saw me at my desk and came by to say hello. Part of our conversation:

Me: What are you doing when you graduate?
Mary: I've decided to go to Med School.
Me: Oh! That is Fabulous!
Mary: Good, I am glad you think so, I've been getting mixed responses.
Me: That's just because those people don't know how much grad school sucks. I mean Med School has GOT to be better than grad school.
Mary: That's what I was thinking! Except you have to deal with cadavers. But I think I can get over that.

One way you can tell you are growing (mentally/emotionally/whatever) is that you start to have different opinions than you had before based on some current experience. My current experience is that I am working too much, and my boss is an asshole.

Let's Recap this week:
Good Friday: Work 4 hours, Panic about Oral Exam: 8 hours
Holy Saturday: Work 4 hours, Panic about Oral exam: 8 hours
Easter Sunday: Work 8 hours.
Monday: Work 9 hours.
Tuesday: Work 9 hours.
Wednesday: Work 11 hours. + 1 hour of counciling to help me deal with my boss-hatred
Thursday: (Today) Work 13.5 hours.

Today I finished the written part of my oral exam.
Suggested Length: 10-15 pages. + works cited
My Length: 15 pages + 2 sentences.
Works Cited: 73
It is kick ass and crappy at the same time.
More kick ass than crappy though.

Now I just have to study and fix my powerpoint slides.

It has got to be easier the second time if I fail this time.
I tell people that and they tell me that I won't fail.
heh. like most things now: I will believe it when I see it.
I have been hardend by the world.
I have zero faith.

If I fail I will be slightly embarressed. But I will know that it is just an initiation game.
Currently I have zero experience at initiations.
I was never in a sorority.
I didn't even joing Girls Service Club.
Partly because I am too independant
and partly because of the initiation.

I don't care anymore though.
Academia is just a game.
Its time for me to get some sleep.


Meeleez said...

You will not fail! I know you'll be just fine. Try to get some relaxing, stress free time in there somewhere. You'll get through it.

Med school is just a different kind of hell than grad school. I'm not sure that one is less evil than the other.

The Easter Bunny said...

Medschool has to be better because then you can have cool Pharamcology professors

Meeleez said...

the coolest