Saturday, March 1, 2008

mars passion

Welcome to March guys! For you fellow durty south residents, we've but days to wait before 90 degrees is felt without. I've been inspired to higher forms of language by Mr. Shakespeare, since I'm essential reading Julius Casesar three times a day.

Isn't it great when you have one of those days when it just strikes you that you're happy?

The components of my happiness:
  • Tazo passion tea. bright, red velvet cake red coloring; rich, full, fruity taste; caffeine free.
  • 2nd grad school acceptance
  • 1st grad school acceptance now offering a scholarship
  • cryptic e-mail from 3rd grad school telling me that they received my application for student aid before I've gotten anything about being accepted?
  • beautiful Saturday weather and a run around the lakes planned
  • party planned for tonight
  • 10 hours of sleep (twice the amount I get during the week)
I'm also about to listen to an episode of This American Life, one of my absolute favorite pastimes. Oh Ira, how you tease me.


Fermi said...

Congratulations on the grad school acceptance! 90 degree weather. Luckliy I don't have to expect that until August 1st.

It is beautiful weather here, too. 60 and sunny.

have fun tonight

Tino said...

60 and sunny until August?

I need to move.