Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Probability of Order

I haven't posted in a long time - mainly because I feel that my life experiencing some mild turbulence. I am so American because by "my life" I mean my working life. My home life is beautiful.

The turbulence is fine- I am not distressed about it. I am only being cautious as I move about the cabin and having my seat-belt buckled when I am seated.

My current experiences right now have got me wondering: Does everything happen for a reason?

Katu said, "Everything Happens For A Reason." (EHFAR)
I said, "I don't know if I believe that. I don't know if I believe in anything, even Science."

EHFAR got me thinking about Presbyterians and predestination. In college I was at a Bible study in the Methodist church and the preacher talked about how Evil exists in this world. Car accidents kill promising teenagers who haven't had a chance to realize their full potential. Everything does NOT happen for a reason. Some things are not of God.

Even if we remove God from this equation, Is there order in the universe? I now think that there is only a certain probability of order.

I am wondering about EHFAR because suddenly things seem to be falling into place. Actions I took in the past because I thought they were good things to do now have an unforeseen payoff.
This could be the probability of order swinging my way again. Or it could be the fact that humans have evolved to look for meaning in their own lives.


Clay Perry said...

many labels can be used, i like karma.. it seems to work..

Tino said...

I don't think everything happens for an outside reason. I have a hard time imagining a deity who has written my life story and is watching it unfold in human-measured time...well, you see what I mean.

But I do think every situation is a potential learning experience and that we can all "live our best lives" Oprah-style by tapping into what makes us passionate and connection with/serving others in the process.

Tino said...

Oh yeah, but "order"--that's what I meant to comment on. I do believe that all beings and environments are interconnected in all of the subtle ways they influence each other, and there is an eerie "perfection" to the way cells and bodies and pretty much all natural things work and evolve. I don't necessarily believe one being created all that, but it does all seem to be "intelligently designed." So there's order, as you write.

I guess I should have just posted--I feel like I'm obnoxiously encroaching on the Comment page, for some reason.

Princess Pointful said...

I agree with the last sentence. I think that is one of the more miraculous things about us... our ability to find meaning in the most seemingly random of things. It makes it that much more bearable, methinks.

Also, if I don't post my track listings, I will send them your way for sure! Thanks for reminding me!

Maru said...

does ETHFAR agree with entropy?

These same ETHFAR people also over use random. what about that?