Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am currently reading The Ten Year Nap which was recommended to me by a professor at a near-by girls college. It has 3/5 stars on Amazon so I would not have picked it up had it not been about mothers who had stopped working to raise children-- a topic that I am interested in.

One of the reviewers on amazon said that the book is just all of these women complaining about their lives, but not changing their lives. And reading it, I find that it is a *depressing state* book. I mean that all of the characters in the book are living a life that I do not care to emulate. In short, it makes me want to return to work shortly after my kids can walk.

I was reading the book this morning, and one line in particular caught my attention-- it was something about how now that this woman character was married with kids she didn't stay out all night anymore like she did when she was single. A similar statement has been said to me by many of the women who come talk to my Women's group- except that our speakers say they don't spend all of their time working like they used to- now they lead more balanced lives.

Then I think of my life where I am young and already I have to work on leading a balanced life. If I am already working on adapting now, how will I adapt in the future? This is my handicap- the fact that I get so stressed out about life in general... Cardiovascular exercise is supposed to help with that- and it might help me some- except that thinking about doing cardio also stresses me out. That's where Yoga comes in. For the first time I am able to really relax, and I don't anxiously anticipate Yoga the way I do other activities. Yoga could be the solution to my headaches.


Tino said...

Good for you, Fermi.

I talk to my parents about this balance thing a lot. They say you're more adaptable than you think you are and that part of getting older is getting better at that. Also, there are a lot of things you can't anticipate.

Clay Perry said...

i have never thought about any sort of balance between being able to go out & raising a family.. i drop my son off at school, work all day, my wife picks him up on the way home, our older son rides the bus home & the balance seems to come of its own accord, we live, love, and do things in a harmony that seems so natural, it just is, and its a damn good place to be...

Princess Pointful said...

I never feel like I am especially balanced in one moment or another, really. I get so busy that I have to catch up on one area of my life all at once... like all my R&R for four months into my two weeks off at Christmas.