Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've got 14.5 inch calves (circumference). Previously ignorant of this essential detail, I ordered boots from Zappos. I only measured after noticing that my calves bulged over the tops and the side zipper pinched me on the way up.

I am interested in black leather boots that have a zero to one inch heel (and if heel, then wedge) that are also wide enough for my feet and loose enough for me to be able to zip them all the way up without cursing.

I have scoured These are the ones I originally wanted:

They were not available in my size. These were the ones I mistakenly ordered (with the 13 inch calf size):

These are the two other kinds that I'm considering. Which do you ladies like best out of the next two: the "Thrilliant" or the "Keep N' Stylish" (respectively)? Like I don't have a million other more important things to worry about. Here's my thinking on these boots: the heels are cuter but prissier (not a good thing, in my mind), and the flatter ones are not as sexy but more practical and maybe easier to teach in.


Anonymous said...

I like the Thrillant ones. They're cuter.

Fermi said...

Thrilliant thrills me. I know you aren't prissy- and I bet everyone else knows it, too. Because of this fact if you wear the thrilliant boots it will be a sweet visual juxtaposition which will have a maddening (in a good way) effect on your students.

Skuh said...

I like the last pair better.