Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your laptop will love you for this.

I sprayed Febreze on my hair tonight. I went to a cook-out before coming home from work, and I helped with the grill. This meant that my hair and clothes smelled strongly of charcoal. Clothes are easy enough to change, but hair -- what could I do? I didn't want to shower, and spraying Yardley London English Lavender on my hair would only make me more nauseous. I needed something to eat up the odor -- and Febreze did the trick.

Had I been in a reasonable state of mind, it would have been easy for me to take a shower. In fact showering is what I probably should be doing now. Instead of being reasonable, I am a slave to my desires: for yoga and blogging.

Today is my third day of doing the video: Fat Free Yoga. I am a bit obsessed with the way it makes me feel. The video itself is a bit hokey. Well, its not really the video but rather the narration:

You might not like this pose, but it likes you!

Your kidneys will love you for this. Your adrenals will love you for this.

One of the four workouts is even titled: Your life is in your own glands.

I do all of the 4 workouts except for the 16 sniffs in the gland segment. It is the "exercise" where you take 16 small sniffs inhaling, followed by 16 small sniffs exhaling. I actually tried to play along the first day, but I ended up with 12 sniffs each and then I was all out of rhythm with the video.

The video makes me feel so happy after and the next day. I think I am going to go shower now.

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Tino said...

Woo. That sounds awesome. I used to do a lot of yoga until the Anahata Yoga Center in BR mysteriously shut down.