Wednesday, September 17, 2008

how charming

looks like I'm the third taffy girl trying to catch up on a little penguin blogging today. Fermi, I LOVED your story about the mama's boy on the bus. Mostly because I love watching/stalking people on public transit, but also because it was interesting to see someone through your eyes who is just starting grad school as I am just starting grad school. Tino, I put the Natalie penguin up. I thought: "how apt!"

so here's a quick rundown of some life stuff:

1. grad school is fucking hard

2. I miss sleep and friends

3. I'm scared about becoming addicted to diet soda through my new-found need of caffeine to study

4. Virginia is a strange place

5. having a dining plan sucks just as much as it did 6 years ago. At least there's a better selection than cheese pizza and corn on the cob a la highland cafetoria.

6. I think I'm falling in love.


Skuh said...

I'm sorry your schoolin is tough and the food sucks. But I'm really happy for you in regards to #6!

Clay Perry said...

sleep is highly overrated, until you pass out!

Tino said...

Sleep is highly UNDERrated, Mr. Perry. I get to be a crazy weepy person with enough consecutive days of even a slight sleep deficiency.

Go to bed, PB!