Sunday, September 7, 2008

Guidos are the new black

I tried like the dickens to post a video poking fun at Lee Hotti and other such shameless Guidos, but youtube refuses to recognize the fact that I've registered another bloggy. I'll have to settle for badly photoshopped pictures (that are hilarious) that were made to look like inspirational posters.
I am unsure of when my curiosity for the Guido began, but it was definitely piqued when Fermi published that FABulous Guido Beach video and the blog post concerning the same subject (and causing quite the stir!) penned by a displaced Cajun living in New York. Guidos and their mates (both male and female) are the things that comedy gold is made of . . . seriously, you cannot make up a more tragically funny character. Whether it's the steroid-swilling, horrendous fake tan, offensively spiked hair, puckered lips or fake diamond earrings in both ears, I am simultaneously entertained and saddened/disturbed that they exist each time I encounter them via TV or the Internet. What can I say? The Guido gets me every time.
Can you blame me?

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