Monday, August 18, 2008

Starving American Children

Nice lists. I noticed when you gave me a shout out on your personal blog... but didn't comment there for fear of losing my secret identity.

As for where to live--you touch on this in your next post--it is important to live where going outside is pleasurable. I vote for TN, but what do I know? I love America, so I couldn't possibly suggest that you go to Germany.


I saw my sister for the first time since my wedding. She has become a starving African child. Her bones stick out through her clothing and her face has changed into a skull with moist eyes and giant teeth. I talked to my dad about her. She is incredibly lonely. And when people try to help her, she reaches out and strangles them.

I am not sure what the answer is. She isn't like me. She has always been lost and prone to make poor decisions. It is hard for my parents to see her in such an obvious state of distress.


Clay Perry said...

it always sucks to see a family member in a bad way, watching a train wreck in progress is excruciating, but when they don't want help & wont take it what do you do?

Novella said...

That's rough Fermi. It must be shocking to see your sister in that state. Would she be open to getting professional help?