Monday, August 18, 2008

in the pines

I had the surprising pleasure of going on a camping trip this weekend in the Kisatchie National Forest, specifically the Red Bluff Recreation Grounds. I grew up just a few minutes from where we set up camp and, although it's taken a lifetime, I feel totally at home in those woods. The trip was relaxing overall, exhilarating at times and a reminder as to what is important to me in life: being connected to the people I love and the great outdoors. Make fun all you want of my homespun wisdom, but it works for me.

We drank High Life, the champagne of beers; ate Beanie Weenies, the filet mignon of the camping world; peed on trees; swam in the creek with the pups and hiked through the beautiful, towering pines that typify scenes of the Kisatchie National Forest.

Camping was boss: it was the perfect way to get exercise and to round out the week!

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Clay Perry said...

beautiful pics, i relate completely, growing up in the woods of north central georgia. there is nothing more relaxing than watching the sun come up or go down while in a thick mass of trees near running water. i have a pic post on my blog about "living in the woods" its an experience that can not compare with anything else..