Monday, August 25, 2008

and they're off!

Off to the races again, ladies and gents. The fall semester starts today. I am going to proclaim -- as I have numerous times already in my personal bloggy -- that henceforth, things will proceed with rapidity. I couldn't be happier, because living in Lafayette suits me about as much as wearing jersey knit dresses: it's comfortable in a way, but probably not the best idea.
I really want to kick this semester's ass. I feel like I have something to prove in the way of being a student. I NEVER applied myself during my primary education and rarely when studying at LSU. And it's shameful to have to admit. But true. I'd like to go to grad school some day and I'd like to think I can hack it in the world of hard-working academics. But who knows? I'm just trying to make it through this certification program so I can teach your kids.


Fermi said...

Skuh, you rarely applied yourself in school? I am surprised. Mainly only because my default setting was to apply myself. What do you think the underlying factors are that cause a student to apply or not apply themselves in a course? (This question is open to anyone else as well.)

I liked your jersey knit dress analogy.
I understand the need to get the hell out of Lafayette. For me Laffy is too small. I'll stop there... But what are the reasons you feel the need to get out?

Skuh said...
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Skuh said...

I'm not sure what causes some students to apply themselves and others to not. At all.
For me, personally, the reason I didn't apply myself is due in large-part to the fact that I didn't believe in myself. Also I was incredibly lazy. Pair those things with a complete disinterest in the stuff we were learning in school and a slacker is born.
The main reason I want to get out of Lafayette is that I find it to be stifling: it's not really young, even though it's swarming with youngsters; it's not progressive; and the locals are a strange mix of socially liberal and politically conservative. I just feel like I can't breathe most if the time. Also, fitting myself into the Lafayette milieu is like shoving a square peg into a round hole. It just doesn't work and there's no use fighting it.