Friday, February 22, 2008

The Fermi Level

The pressure is on. First posts are always hard, and this seems even more difficult because I am aware that other people know this blog exists. What if my grammar is bad? My writing uninteresting? My headache is intensifying.

I never plan things for Friday nights because I am always so worn out. But today was a good
day. We had lab clean up because the EPA will be inspecting our labs next month. The clean up instilled a sense of community between me, Citizen, and Cole: we had a goal and we achieved it with great finesse. Of course it also alienated Babu from the rest of us.

Babu annoys me a great deal. He is bossy where he doesn't need to be. He reminds me of an old woman who is powerless outside of her kitchen. Much like our boss, he has good intentions...
I guess someone has to pave the road to hell.
I think it is also hard to be bossed around by someone who doesn't show up to work most days.

So today we found explosives. All sorts. Yellow solids in beakers covered with para-film. (Para-film is the lab equivalent of saran wrap.) Volatile liquid explosives standing alone un-entered in our chemical inventory. And a whole drawer of "specialty" explosives that you probably can't even purchase anymore.

Now, Citizen, Cole, and I thought: Wow, Let's be careful and dispose of these properly. So I found a metal jug with a screw on cap and started putting the yellow solid from the beaker into it. I was about to make the appropriate waste label when Babu advises me not to dispose of the yellow explosive. I ask why, and the reason is

because our boss used to have projects with explosives in the eighties.

Citizen will stand there and argue with Babu on if we should keep the explosives or not. I tell Citizen to just agree with Babu that we will keep them, and then we will dispose of them quietly. So that is what we do. It really is ridiculous to keep a beaker of explosive product when it has been sitting untouched for 5+ years.

For general info:
Babu: 5th year male
Citizen: 4th year male
Cole: 2nd year female
Me: 2nd year female

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